BITCO wants to take this opportunity to remind all of our valued customers, agency partners, vendors, and employees that we are here for you.

Earlier this week, BITCO Insurance Companies took the following actions to ensure the safety of all of our stakeholders while also minimizing any interruptions of service to our external and internal customers: 

  • Our business contingency plan was put into place allowing a majority of our employees to establish the capability to work remotely. This allows us to maintain our service levels while also allowing us to follow good "social distancing" practices. This plan continues to be monitored daily and includes:
    • Daily conference calls/email communications to identify service issues and solve perceived deficiencies.
    • Constant communication between our Home Office and our 15 Branch locations.
    • Claims Reporting Services remain fully functional – We ensure prompt setup and servicing of claims.
    • Premium Audit Services and Risk Control Services are being maintained by phone/email.
    • All non-essential business travel has been suspended through the end of April.

While this is a learning experience for us all, some things are bound to come up that we didn't think about. With that said, we take our commitment to you very seriously. We appreciate your patience and your understanding as we adapt to this challenging environment. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We are here for you and we care about your concerns.

Thank you for placing your trust in us! It's "Business as Usual" for BITCO!


Vince Lamb


CEO and President

BITCO Insurance Companies continue to monitor the developments related to the coronavirus and its impact on our employees, our agents and our customers.  We will continue to take additional actions in accordance with the recommendations from The Centers for Disease Control(CDC), regional government agencies, and state departments of insurance.

This page is meant to serve as our customers' resource pertaining to COVID-19 notices pertaining to BITCO's strategic operations including our policy issuing companies of BITCO General Insurance Corporation and BITCO National Insurance Company.  To see state specific information pertaining to the state you are located in please click on the tab(s) below.


State-Specific COVID-19 Information