Claims Services That Work for You

Accidents happen.  When they do,  BITCO is there to provide you with personal, local claims service.

Through our tight network of local offices, we make sure our trained claims representatives are accessible to you.

Having dedicated locations near your business means we expedite contact with you and claimants, we’re there to assist with communication during the life of your claim, and we can accelerate your claim resolution.

Claims Reporting

BITCO’s 24/7 claims management allows us to bring the benefit of timeliness to policyholders and claimants alike.

We believe good claims service begins with prompt reporting of potential claims. If you think there is the possibility of a claim, by providing information early, it allows our claims representatives to better impact outcomes. BITCO claims representatives are accessible to you day and night -- especially in emergency situations.

How to Submit a Claim

BITCO provides you with multiple ways to report claims to ensure that your claim is given the personal and timely attention it deserves.

If Your Claim Requires Immediate Response

If, for any reason, your claim requires an immediate response, please report the claim by phone to your BITCO claims office.

Use the drop down form at the right to find the BITCO claims office for your state.

Submit a Claim Online

Your first step is to submit a First Report of Claim form (Click "Report a Claim" located in the upper right hand corner of this page). Simply complete the form by entering information in the fields provided, save and email your completed form to BITCO Insurance Companies claims.

Click here to get help reporting a claim.

BITCO Claims Offices

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Reducing Loss Costs

Our common goal is to reduce the cost of losses to your business.

BITCO employs claims representatives who have experience in the specialties we have chosen to serve, and who can work with you to reduce claims and the resulting losses that can impact your bottom line.

To combat insurance fraud, BITCO accesses and reports claim data to a comprehensive national fraud database and uses this information to help deter fraudulent claims.

Because your claims representatives work in local offices close to you, they can provide prompt, professional service personally. From prompt reporting of claims to efficient methods for guiding your claim through the resolution process, you’ll see their personal touch positively impact the outcome of your claim.

Ways Our Partnership Can Reduce Loss

  • Programs to reduce your loss costs
  • Toll-free, direct loss reporting
  • Local 24/7 claims service 
  • Workers’ Compensation medical cost containment and medical management programs
  • Filing of required Workers’ Compensation reports
  • Prompt payment of claims
  • Litigation management
  • Commitment to alternative dispute resolution techniques

Managing Workers' Compensation Claims

BITCO assists you in educating your employees about Workers’ Compensation before a work-related injury occurs. We provide helpful assets -- like our Developing a Partnership brochure -- to explain the role of the employee, employer and insurance company in a Workers’ Compensation claim, and stress the importance of working together during the healing process.

If a claim were to occur, our claims representatives assist you by filing all required Workers’ Compensation reports with state agencies.

We also realize that reducing the cost of Workers’ Compensation claims involves helping employees return to productive employment as soon as possible. BITCO's Managed Care Initiatives work to control loss costs through our:

  • Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network of medical providers
  • Medical billing review to ensure compliance with established fee schedules or reasonable and customary costs
  • Hospital pre-certification
  • Review of continued care and chiropractic care
  • Early assessment, which provides early intervention by a nurse who, upon receipt of a notice of a loss, promptly contacts the treating physician to establish treatment protocol and targeted return-to-work dates
  • On-site and off-site case management nurses
  • Vocational rehabilitation and alternative-employment programs to assist employees in returning to work in some capacity, even light duty

Looking for claims services that work hard for you and your business? Contact BITCO today.