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At BITCO Insurance Companies, we believe in positioning well qualified insurance decision makers at the point of sale – so we market our programs through some of the best agents in the business.

If you rely on your independent insurance agent to help you identify the best fit for your property and casualty insurance needs, be sure you check out BITCO Insurance Companies. The quality of our experience in the industries we have chosen to serve means we are qualified to offer advice in the most specific areas of your concern.

At BITCO Insurance Companies, we support our agents and customers with knowledgeable claims people and proactive risk control consultants located in sixteen BITCO Insurance Companies service offices maintained in the regions of the country we have chosen to serve.

We believe that local business deserves face-to-face service and that the value of our service is linked to our agents' commitment to excellence.

If you share our commitment to local service, we think you'll like our advice.

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