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Financial Highlights

Ratings Assigned 
A.M. Best Rating A+ (Superior)
Financial Size
Category - FSC IX
Moody's Financial Strength Rating A2 (Stable)
Standard and Poor's Claims Paying Ability Rating A+ (Strong)

Rating determinations made by rating agencies are subject to change from time to time. While the Company attempts to show accurate information, it cannot assure the reliability of ratings referred to herein and assumes no obligation to monitor the ratings of any rating agency or to immediately incorporate any rating changes applicable to the Company.

2016 Financial Summary (in thousands) 
Direct Written Premium $412,763
Net Premium Written $379,583
Net Premium Earned $381,071
Net Losses and Loss Expenses Incurred $278,271
Net Investment Income $43,072
Realized Capital Gains $7,781
Net Income after Taxes $30,225
Admitted Assets $1,352,620
Liabilities $911,675
Policyholders' Surplus $440,945
Underwriting Ratios 
Losses and loss expenses incurred to net premiums earned 73.1%
Underwriting expenses incurred to net premiums written 27.4%
Policyholders' dividends to net premiums earned 2.6%
Composite ratio 103.1%
Net premiums written to policyholders' surplus 0.9:1
Loss and loss expense reserves to policyholders' surplus 1.7:1

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